Choose Between Mobile and Traditional Storage in Cape Cod

storage-solutionsWhen it comes to deciding what type of residential storage in Massachusetts is best for your particular needs, it’s nice to know that there are a couple of options available at Colony Moving & Storage. With over 75 years of experience working with residential and commercial moving and traditional storage in Cape Cod and the surrounding area, Colony Moving & Storage has now also added mobile storage containers to the mix.

The popularity of these Go Mini’s mobile units, as well as the larger United Mayflower Containers, which are used by residential, commercial, industrial and construction clients across the board, have made them a must-have for any storage company that is serious about providing the very best in storage options. The first thing you should do is take a look at all of your options and then make an informed decision about what is right for you and your situation.

Traditional Storage in Cape Cod
When most people think about traditional storage, they either imagine a dusty self-storage facility or that giant warehouse from the Indiana Jones movie with all of the nation’s treasures put away for safe-keeping. Colony Moving & Storage has over 25,000 square feet of storage space at our Pocasset, MA facility, so we do have a lot of space available for our clients on either a short or long term basis. We are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential storage in Massachusetts.

If you are looking for traditional storage in Cape Cod, we have the ability to safely store every single item in your home in our clean and safe environment. Depending on your needs, we can store your things on a temporary basis while you get your new home ready or wait for your departure date if making an interstate or international move. All goods are placed in a custom wooden storage container that is seven feet by seven feet by five feet. Wood is used to help keep the units dry, secure and separate from belongings being stored by other clients.

Cape Cod Portable Storage
As an Agent with United Van Lines, Colony Moving & Storage has many advantages that our local competitors do not. For example, our portable storage is facilitated by the equipment, experience and training afforded by a joint-effort from United Van Lines and Mayflower. Together the project is called United Mayflower Containers, which come in one simple size of sixteen feet in length and eight feet by eight feet in height and width. These containers are designed to hold the typical amount of belongings from a 1500 square foot home. Extra storage may be required for garages, patios, attics, basements and other on-site storage areas, as well as homes that are larger than 1500 square feet in size.

The flexibility and control that comes from using Cape Cod portable storage instead of traditional storage is a huge asset over other companies and storage options. Whether you like the idea of loading the mobile storage containers yourself or if you would like to hire professional packing and loading services for your residential storage in Massachusetts, these portable containers are a great way to go at your own pace. Being able to keep the storage unit on-site at your home or business property helps with remodeling and renovation projects, as well as seasonal peak storage and other purposes throughout the year.

Go Mini’s Mobile Storage Containers
Perhaps one of the most popular types of storage in the United States today is the Go Mini’s portable storage units. Unlike traditional storage in Cape Cod, the patented containers provided by Go Mini’s have a top quality design over other popular services. In fact, we are the only providers of mobile storage containers that can offer a 20 foot container that can be used for residential and commercial items alike.

While all Go Mini’s storage containers are eight feet in height, we do offer three different sizes for our customers to choose from: twelve feet, sixteen feet and twenty feet in length. The Go Mini’s unit is unlike all other types of storage in that the containers have an eight inch ground clearance, making them easy to load, while keeping it up off the ground to avoid standing in water. Choose from swing or locking roll-up doors to keep your belongings safe and secure. Sturdy, steel construction with a welded frame and secure steel siding helps to make Go Mini’s mobile storage containers some of the strongest in the industry.

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No matter what type of services you require for residential storage in Massachusetts, Colony Moving & Storage has got you covered. Choose from mobile storage containers, portable storage or traditional storage in Cape Cod based on your needs, the type of items you are storing and the length of time that they will need to be stored. Give us a call at 508-563-7300 to get a FREE estimate on any of our Cape Cod portable storage units and solutions.