Questions to Ask About Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

commercial-moving-questionsIf you have never done a business relocation in MA before, it pays to take your time and do some research about commercial moving. From choices surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts packing supplies and services to special equipment moves, trade show moving services to other types of business relocation in MA, there are a lot of things to debate and discuss.

Working with a reputable company that provides professional services in your area is a huge advantage, so make sure to reach out to local businesses that you trust to find out who they use for moving and storage within the region. Colony Moving & Storage can help you with the planning, packing, loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings. Give us a call at 508-563-7300 for a FREE quote on any of our commercial, business or trade show moving services right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and beyond.

While price is an important factor, it should never be the only factor, especially when expensive equipment and downtime is on the table. The earlier you start to plan your move, the more options that will be available for you to consider.

Licensed, Certified & Insured?
When you start shopping around for a crew to take care of business relocation in MA, it pays to ask the right questions and move on to another vendor if you don’t get the answers you want. One of the first questions you should ask is whether or not the business movers and trade show moving services are licensed and certified. You will also want to ask about insurance.

The company itself should be insured, but if you are dealing with high value assets, sensitive equipment or anything that could become damaged and cost an arm and a leg to replace, you should also take out some insurance on the move to cover yourself in the event of an accident or problem. When you meet with the company regarding commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts for the first time, get all of these questions out of the way first.

Methods to Reduce Downtime?
One of the worst parts of doing a business relocation in MA is the inevitable downtime that occurs as a result of moving all of your computers, phones and employees from one location to another. Even if you are doing a local move just down the street or within the same city, make sure to ask about Southeastern Massachusetts packing supplies and services, as well as strategic solutions, that you can use to your benefit.

Scheduling a move for the weekend, after hours, over a holiday or any other options that would help reduce downtime and get your things moved according to your time table can be helpful. If you are moving from a large building or into a large building, make sure to ask the landlord about moving schedules. Some locations will only allow movements to be made at certain times of day or you might have to schedule the service elevator for your move.

Trained & Experienced Crew?
Make sure you are hiring a well trained and experienced moving crew for your trade show moving services or business relocation in MA. You don’t want to go cheap and hire a company that picks up its “moving crew” every morning at the local hardware store or home improvement center from the parking lot. Commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts should be done by qualified, trusted, insured and highly trained professionals.

Ask about Southeastern Massachusetts packing supplies and services as well when you get an estimate on your moving project. You will want to make sure that the employees coming into your offices are licensed and insured, especially if sensitive data and files will be included in with the moving and storage estimate. Records retention services, trade show moving services, as well as interstate and international moves, should all be done by experienced professionals who know what they are doing.

Other Questions to Ask
In addition to the questions highlighted in this article about business relocation in MA, Cape Cod and the surrounding area, there are others that you should ask or at least look into before deciding on your services for commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts. Find our about packing, protection, computers, servers, shipment tracking, document storage, shredding services, purging services, sustainable practices and anything else that is important to you and your move.

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