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Does your company keep a lot of records? There are many businesses that are required to keep the customer, client or even patient records for a number of years by law. If your file room has begun to leak out into the rest of your office, it might be time to consider using commercial storage in Massachusetts. Offsite records storage can help companies to reduce their overhead operating costs, provide more space at the office for supplies and employees, and even protect the business from potential risks associated with having those records onsite. In fact, recent economic studies reveal that companies can lower their costs for records keeping by as much as 50 percent compared to traditional methods of storage.

Safety & Security
Money and space-saving benefits aside, safety and security are often the top two reasons why business owners turn to storage in Barnstable county to safeguard their business records. It is important to use a traditional or mobile storage company in MA that specializes in records storage. The type of setup required to safeguard important client, customer and patient records is much more than what you will find in a self-storage locker unit. We’re talking professional, secure and safe Cape Cod portable storage that is kept safe inside a secure warehouse in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Privacy standards have turned many medical practices and businesses on their ears, making the whole idea of records keeping a virtual nightmare. However, when you use the professional storage in Barnstable County that is available through Colony Moving & Storage, you will see a big difference in the way we do business. Our traditional warehouse and mobile storage company in MA can help you with sensitive document handling, protect you from fraud and identify theft and stay on top of the latest technology in records storage. Don’t worry about a thing when your records are stored with Colony Moving & Storage.

Controlled Access
One of the ways that we help to safeguard your records, is to ensure controlled access to your files. The safety and confidentiality of each and every client we serve is vital to the success of our business, so we take protecting your assets very seriously. Having your records and files offsite at a secured location makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to access your information and helps you to stay on target for complying with privacy standards, as well as fraud and identity theft. When you place your records at our mobile storage company in MA, you create a brand new barrier for potential thieves to have to get around. We ensure that only the people who are authorized on your account for access have access to your records.

Protected from Natural Hazards
Another great reason to choose Cape Cod portable storage with a reputable company like Colony Moving & Storage is that our storage in Barnstable County can help to protect your records and other assets from environmental hazards. Things like extreme temperatures of hot or cold; natural disasters like hurricanes, blizzards and Nor’easters; excessive rain, wind, and flooding; plus exposure to the elements, can all damage sensitive files. Keep all of your important and confidential client, customer and patient information safe by using commercial storage in Massachusetts.

Space Saver
Just take a look at how much space is required to keep all of your paper files and documents at your office. Think about what you could do with that space if it were all gone. Cape Cod portable storage can help you make room for additional employees and workstations, create more room for product stock, make space for office supplies and tool storage, as well as help, reveal options for more consumer displays or customer areas. Using a mobile storage company in MA, RI or CT can be extremely beneficial in helping you to maximize the potential of your current office space to reduce overhead and help make doing day-to-day business duties even easier.

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