Planning for Success: South Mass Trade Show Logistics & Storage

trade-show-cape-codTrade Show Logistics and Storage

Whether you are running an industry trade show or sponsoring and attending like an exhibitor, it is important to understand that a lot of time and money and effort go into pulling something like this off successfully. Taking the time to do the research about what works – and what doesn’t – in the world of trade shows and expos will help you to get the best possible return on your investment. Designing your own booth that will help you to promote your business, products or services to other attendees can really help to take your presentation over the top. However, finding a safe and secure way to move your booth with local Southeastern Massachusetts moving services that you can trust, to get from your home office to the trade show or shows that you will be attending, can be quite the challenge.

Colony Moving & Storage specializes in trade show moving services in MA. However, our services aren’t just limited to commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts. As an Agent for United Van Lines, we not only have access to professional moving services and storage right here in New England but all across the country. And through the partnership with United Van Lines and UniGroup Worldwide UTS, we can even help our clients with trade show moving and logistics to over 180 countries all over the globe.

Making the Most of Your Booth
Once you nail down the logistics with the trade show moving services in MA and find out what you can keep in the local Cape Cod portable storage prior to your transport to the trade shows or events that you will be attending, you can start really making plans. It is important to know how much space you will have, what you are allowed to bring, and what cannot be transported. For example, there are federal laws about transporting certain items that have the potential to be dangerous. If you want to have helium balloons at the booth, you will need to rent a helium tank because you cannot transport it via commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts or anywhere else in the country, and you definitely can’t bring it overseas.

Careful planning with the company you will be working with for commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts can help you to avoid pitfalls that you otherwise would not have known about if you were trying to do it by yourself. This is why it is important to work with trade show moving services in MA or anywhere else in the northeastern states because it helps you to get more done without having to deal with obstacles or red tape. Once you design your booth and get everything together, from t-shirts you want to hand out to flyers and buttons and pens, as well as any computers, digital displays or sound systems you want to bring, the team at Colony Moving & Storage will take care of the rest.

7 Tips for a More Successful Booth
So you have the perfect booth to promote your business, product or services and you have Southeastern Massachusetts moving services through one of the best names in the moving industry United Van Lines – what’s next? Now you need to start planning what you will do once you get there and how you will use your booth to attract new business. The following tips are from experienced trade show participants who have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Get a Good Location – You might have to pay a little more and register on an opening day, but getting a good corner spot near the entrance or close to an attraction on the showroom floor is the best way to get people to your booth.
  2. Be Approachable – There’s nothing worse than spending all that money to build a booth, fly out your crew and hire trade show moving services in MA to get your to the event, only to have your team be cold, stand-offish or rude to the attendees. Make sure you go over the way that you want your team members to behave inside the booth, what you want them to say and how you want them to interact with attendees.
  3. Attract Attention – Use anything you can to attract attention. Ask your commercial moving in Southeastern Massachusetts about bringing along lights, audio equipment, video equipment and anything else that you think might attract attention to your booth with all of the other competing booths on the showroom floor.
  4. Give Away SWAG – The word SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get” and what it represents is the branded giveaway items that people get when they go to an expo or convention. T-shirts, pens, mouse pads, flashlights, keychains – there is no end to the number of things that are available for companies to put their names on and the attendees eat this stuff up like crazy. Ask the trade show moving services in MA if there are any restrictions about popular SWAG items for transport.
  5. Host a Contest – One way to get people to your booth is to host a contest of some sort. A raffle maybe where they get tickets at your booth and then have to come back to your booth for the drawing. Or maybe a guessing game where people guess how many business-related items are in a jar.
  6. Refreshments – Another great way to get people to your booth is to offer free drinks or food items. Consider pre-wrapped, pre-packaged foods that are convenient and easy to serve. Get napkins, plates, and cups with the company logo to remind them where they got the free refreshments.
  7. Be a Leader – Set yourself apart from all of the other attendees by proving your knowledge of the industry. Consider publishing an e-book, pamphlet or white paper and if seminars and workshops will be held during the trade show, volunteer to be a speaker or participate in another way that will allow you to show off your knowledge.

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