Trade Show Moving Services & Logistics

Trade Show Moving LogisticsTrade Show Moving Services & Logistics

Does your company go to trade shows all across the country to represent your business at industry events? Building your trade show booth is one thing, but then shipping it and all of your marketing materials back and forth across the country is another project in itself. It can be helpful to work with Cape Cod movers who are experienced in trade show moving services that have the connections, the equipment and the knowledge of what it takes to move expo booths from one show to the next.

Colony Moving & Storage is an agent of United Van Lines, which has hundreds of agents and locations all across the country. We are even able to help you with local Cape Cod portable storage for your trade show equipment when you aren’t traveling with it or using it. Our moving companies in Cape Cod are also able to connect you with international trade show moving services overseas if you wanted to attend and represent at a global industry conference.

Timing is Important
When it comes to trade show moving services, one of the most important requirements is that your things need to arrive at the convention center on time. If your company is based in Massachusetts, but you want to get to a trade show in Las Vegas, you need to know that your booth, marketing tools, and SWAG will arrive at the location in time to get everything set up and organized before the event begins. You don’t want to be sitting in your hotel room trying to call around and find out where your Cape Cod movers are with your stuff when you should be networking with colleagues and potential clients.

Moving logistics is an essential part of successful trade show moving services. There are lots of moving companies in Cape Cod that can do cross-country moves, but very few that have the capabilities to provide you with the comprehensive services, tracking and expediting of a nationwide movement that you will require in order to get to your promotional events and opportunities on time. Make sure to work with a moving company that can guarantee that your things will arrive as promised and that everything will get there in one piece. There’s nothing quite like standing in an empty booth space and handing out flyers to help you realize you went with the wrong company.

Customer Service Counts
Another important aspect of hiring professional trade show moving services is the level of customer service and support that they can provide to you. Working with Cape Cod movers who have connections with moving services all across the country and experience working with convention centers can really help. There are a lot of rules and restrictions at some event centers, particularly in Las Vegas, with regard to moving your booth and marketing materials in and out of the buildings. It pays to work with a team of movers and coordinators who understand this and know how to handle these potential obstacles.

A professional team of movers will be able to give you a written contract with a price guarantee for your trade show moving services, along with other guarantees for timeliness, communications, loading, unloading and other extra services. If you need Cape Cod portable storage between events or in the off-season when you aren’t traveling to industry events, make sure to ask about this as well as part of your overall plan for moving logistics. You want to work with a company that will give you tools to always know where your shipment is located, when it will be arriving and any other specifics that you need to know.

White Glove Service
Whether you require a white glove experience or need to exhibit at trade shows on the east coast, west coast and beyond, our climate-controlled vans, shipment tracking, lift gate equipment and dedicated trade show fleet can provide just about any type of services you require. Make sure to speak with one of our moving logistics specialists about any specific trade show moving services that you are interested in learning more about or would like to receive an estimate for to facilitate your moving experience. Give us a call at 508-563-7300 for a FREE written estimate for any of our professional services or for our local Cape Cod portable storage options.