Commercial Moving & Storage Tips for Pocasset Area Businesses

Business Relocation MassachusettsCommercial Moving and Storage Tips

Do you own a business in Southeastern Massachusetts? Are you planning on doing a business relocation in MA any time soon? If you are planning a move in Pocasset, MA or the surrounding Cape Cod and South Coast area, make sure to spend some time planning and coordinate your efforts with reputable and reliable local moving companies. Colony Moving & Storage is one of the top moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts. We are extremely familiar with the area, having moved commercial and residential clients in the area for many years. No matter how large or small your company move will be, you can count on Colony Moving & Storage to help you do it right.

Planning & Organization
The two best ingredients that you can have in a commercial move are planning and organization. You need to start planning ahead of time as early as possible to help deal with any obstacles that might come in your way. Knowing that all of your things will be moved safely and on-time through the services of your local moving company will give you peace of mind, but you also need to make sure that everything else is taken care of, such as switching utility companies, changing addresses, making arrangements for staff to follow you when you move, advising clients or customers or your impending move and a million other important details.

Start by making a list. The list should contain all of the things that you need to do before your moving date. When you do a business relocation in MA, chances are that you will be planning it at least a couple of months in advance, due to time delays in real estate for leasing office or business space. You have to give notice to your current landlord, secure the lease at the new location and then start making all the arrangements once everything is in place. Contact your moving company as soon as you know that you are planning a move in Pocasset, MA, as they will be able to help you with a lot of the details and moving logistics, particularly if you have sensitive or high-value equipment to move.

Take Care of Files
It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, chances are good that you have some type of file cabinet or records that you keep. Even in this day of digital data, most companies keep some hard copy files on hand. Contracts, client contact information, sales receipts, vendor agreements – the list goes on and on. Make sure to take some time to go through your file cabinets well in advance of your move. These are things that you will want to handle yourself instead of leaving them to your moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts to pack and move for you.

In the case of medical offices, patient files must be moved securely in a very specific way in order to be compliant with the law. Make sure to speak with an adviser or specialist in this area to ensure that you do not accidentally put patient files and information at risk. In the case of financial contacts and files, you should also take care to personally pack and move these yourself when planning a move in Pocasset, MA. It is not that you don’t trust the moving company, it is that these are the types of things that you need to be physically responsible for when making a commercial move.

Coordinate With the Movers
Make sure to work closely with your moving company when planning a business relocation in MA. You will want to make sure that you coordinate the packing and transportation of your things to reduce the amount of downtime that you experience during the move. This can be very important if you see clients at your office or customers at your store because you don’t want to lose any potential business. Make sure to let everyone know about your move ahead of time and continue to send reminders, post notices and include a map from your current location to the new one so everyone will be able to find you.

Call Colony Moving & Storage to Schedule a Move
If you are planning a move in Massachusetts, Cape Cod or anywhere in the Southeastern Massachusetts region for your commercial business, contact Colony Moving & Storage. We have been providing quality commercial moving services and commercial storage in Pocasset, MA for many years. Our business relocation specialists can help you figure out all of the details of your move and can coordinate with you to ensure that everything goes as it should. Call today at 508-563-7300 to get a FREE ESTIMATE on your commercial move in Massachusetts.