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Millions of Americans rely on a variety of storage solutions each year. As a result, there are lots of ways to store your things, depending on your individual needs. Warehouse storage, commercial storage, residential storage, portable storage, temporary storage, long-term storage and permanent storage solutions are all available through your local storage and moving companies in Cape Cod and the surrounding South Coast area. You can trust your Southeastern Massachusetts movers at Colony Moving & Storage to take care of your belongings and protect them while they are in storage.

Extra storage space is used by homeowners and business owners for a number of reasons. Sometimes a temporary solution with mobile storage in MA is all that is needed for a specific length of time. Home remodeling projects, office renovations, overstock situations, or temporary house guests, can cause the need to make room and store excess furniture, assets, belongings, and clothing until there is the room or until they are needed again. Our Cape Cod portable storage and warehouse storage options can find space to store just about anything you need to be stored.

Why Portable Storage?
One of the latest trends in storage solutions with moving companies in Cape Cod and all across the country is portable storage. Portable, temporary or mobile storage in MA can be used to hold things on-site at your location, can be moved by Southeastern Massachusetts movers to a new location, or the entire portable storage unit can be housed in our local warehouse until it is needed again.

Some of the reasons why people use portable storage solutions include:

  • real estate staging to reduce the number of items in a home when showing it to prospective buyers
  • during a remodeling or renovation project to protect furniture and personal items from sawdust, dirt, debris, and damage
  • as a temporary solution to make room for a family member or house guest
  • storing belongings of a young adult that is in college, joined the military or traveling overseas
  • temporary storage for belongings that cannot be transported overseas in an international move, such as appliances or other items not allowed by a country’s regulations
  • seasonal storage of decorative items for holidays or equipment only used in-season
  • downsizing by moving to a smaller location to save money

There are a lot of reasons why moving companies are called on to provide Cape Cod portable storage to customers. In some cases, mobile storage in MA is used to help facilitate a move by allowing the customer to load items at their own pace for a stress-free move. Container storage is available in a number of convenient sizes to help Southeastern Massachusetts movers and storage customers find solutions that will work to their advantage.

Storage for Better Organization
Another way that people use portable storage from moving companies in Cape Cod to their advantage is for organizational purposes. Sometimes there are things that you have but do not necessarily need to use on a daily basis. Rather than cluttering up your home with these items, it is often better to stow them in mobile storage in MA. This protects your belongings, important papers, memories, furniture or anything else you want to store from dust, debris, damage and various weather conditions.

Sometimes organizational needs are temporary, while other times Cape Cod portable storage can be needed for longer periods of time. Speak with your Southeastern Massachusetts movers to find out about long-term rental options for portable storage and any discounts on multi-month rentals to help save money. Colony Moving & Storage has lots of great options for residential and commercial clients who are in need of more storage solutions to help get organized and keep everything under control.

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