Commercial Business Relocation on Cape Cod

Commercial Business Relocation on Cape CodCommercial Business Relocation on Cape Cod

When it comes to relocating your business in Southern New England, the key is to work with reputable, reliable Cape Cod movers who can help to facilitate your move without a lot of stress or hassle. You will have enough to worry about without wondering if you have hired trustworthy moving companies on the Cape. You can count on the years of experience and knowledge that comes from hiring Colony Movers. We can help you with a wide variety of services, including business relocation in Cape Cod and the surrounding area, as well as portable and warehouse commercial storage in Massachusetts.

Planning a Relocation
Many months before you even contact Cape Cod movers to handle the logistics of your move, you will likely spend a lot of time evaluating the requirements of your business so you can determine what you need in a new location. Cost of leasing or renting out space, as well as costs associated with purchasing a property, if you are ready for a permanent location, is just one small part of the equation. Don’t compromise on what you need just to save a few bucks each month on rent. Make sure that any property you choose for your business relocation in Cape Cod and the surrounding SouthCoast area is a good fit.

Also make sure to choose a location that will benefit your business. If you are in an industry where you work with other businesses, an industrial area of office complex might be appropriate, but if you provide services or goods direct to customers, you might want to look at retail spaces and other areas where consumer business would be strong. If you are working with a real estate agent, make sure to clearly define the type of work that you do so you will be directed to appropriate location options.

Pay attention to things like available and secure parking. Knowing where you and your staff, as well as customers, will park is important. As part of your business relocation in Cape Cod, also think about where the moving companies on the Cape will be able to park a truck in order to bring in all of your equipment, goods, and furniture. If located on an upper floor, make sure that sensitive or high-value equipment and other assets will be able to go up service elevators and wind around any narrow hallways. You don’t want to be there on moving day just to find out that your Cape Cod movers can’t get your giant over-sized desks into your office because of the location.

Technology Considerations
In this day and age, making sure that you have a good internet connection and space for servers or other essential data equipment is important. Make sure that your new office will have enough power and be able to provide you with enough bandwidth to do what you need to do. Suburban locations may be less expensive than big city buildings, but they may not have the right infrastructure to be able to provide you with the technology, power, and connectivity that you need in order to conduct business effectively and efficiently.

Room to Grow
In most cases, the whole point of doing a business relocation is to have more room for your business to grow. Make sure you choose a location that will help you to continue growing in the future without needing to completely move your business again in a year or more down the road. Extra space can be used for office supplies and overflow stock until you need it for office space. Commercial storage in Massachusetts can be used to house extra furniture, cubicle components, and workstation spaces until you are ready to use them.

Speak with the landlord about the possibility of expanding into additional suites within the same building if your business really needs to grow. If the tenant next to you has a ten-year lease, that is information worth knowing, as chances of them moving in a year or two will be slim to none. Consider large office buildings and industrial parks, if appropriate to your industry, to have the advantage of being able to expand in the future. Most of these properties also have ample parking and all the power, technology and connectivity that you could possibly require.

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If you are in the middle of planning a business relocation in Cape Cod or the surrounding SouthCoast area, look no further than Colony Moving & Storage for all of your commercial moving and storage needs. We have a wide variety of services not available through other moving companies on the Cape and, as an authorized agent of United Van Lines, we can facilitate any type of move – including overseas. Call today at 1-800-374-0860 and get a FREE estimate on your upcoming move. Learn more about how our team of commercial moving experts can help you with the logistics of your business relocation.