Rent a Penske Truck: Moving Truck Rentals in Bourne MA

Moving Truck Rentals in Bourne MAPenske Truck Rental Cape Cod, Massachusetts

One of the most affordable ways to plan a residential move is to get moving truck rentals in Massachusetts. It costs a lot more to have professional moving companies take care of all the details surrounding your residential moving and storage than to just do it yourself. Of course, there is also a lot more work involved in packing, loading and driving your own things from your current location to a new one, but if money is an issue, there’s no better way to plan a successful move than to rent a Penske truck.

Colony Moving & Storage is one of the largest and most popular moving companies in Bourne, MA and the surrounding area. We provide commercial and residential moving and storage to clients all throughout the Southern New England region. If you are in need of moving truck rentals in Massachusetts – we do that too. Give us a call to get a FREE quote on any of our professional moving services and rentals for your impending residential move.

Getting the Right Size
Take time to do a little research to find out about the size of the truck rentals available to you at Colony Moving & Storage. Some people just need a small truck to move a one or two bedroom apartment, while others may require a larger truck to move a three or four bedroom house. Choose to rent a Penske truck that best suits your needs. Residential moving and storage can be accomplished in a number of ways. If you need a portable storage to temporarily or semi-permanently store some of your excess furniture and belongings due to downsizing or organizational needs, we can help you there as well.

All of our Penske moving truck rentals in Massachusetts are well-designed and perfect for local and long-distance moves. So whether you are staying in the SouthCoast area or moving across the country, you can trust Colony Moving & Storage to have the trucks, equipment and options you need to make it happen. We provide our clients with unlimited FREE mileage on any one-way rentals to anywhere in the United States. Our truck rentals are newer models in top quality condition because we work to replace nearly half of our fleet each year.

Make sure not to rent a Penske truck that is too big for you to handle. Most moving trucks are designed to be driven by regular drivers, not professional truck drivers, so they handle well and feature automatic transmissions. However, if you need a really large truck for your residential moving and storage plans, you might want to visit Colony Moving & Storage to see the trucks for yourself. If you think it might be too much, consider renting a smaller truck and making two trips if you are moving locally, or consider using the professional services of our moving companies in Bourne, MA to take care of the moving for you.

Ask About Moving Insurance
Many people think that their vehicle coverage through an auto insurance company will cover them when they rent a Penske truck to facilitate a move. However, the truth is that most auto insurance companies won’t cover moving truck rentals in Massachusetts or anywhere else for that matter. Ask your representative about different types of insurance coverage that can be added to your rental for residential moving and storage. Insurance can cover the vehicle and any liability associated with driving the vehicle, as well as your belongings that are being transported inside. This covers you in case of an accident or any other type of damage.

Also ask about any extra moving equipment that you might need, such as moving dollies, hand trucks, packing supplies and services, specialty boxes for odd-sized and shaped items or loading ramps. All of these things can help to make your relocation with moving companies in Bourne, MA a lot easier. Ask questions about costs, as well as any discounts for renting on certain days of the week or one-way rental options. Take the time to really learn about everything that is available when you rent a Penske truck through Colony Moving & Storage so you will get all of the features and options you need at the best price available.

Call Colony Moving & Storage for Truck Rentals
If you are interested in getting pricing for moving truck rentals in Massachusetts, make sure to contact Colony Moving & Storage. As an authorized representative for Penske Trucks, one of the most popular moving trucks in the United States, we can provide you with all of the equipment and supplies you need for a successful residential moving and storage experience. Call toll-free today at 1-800-374-0860 to get a FREE quote on any of our rentals or services.