Warehouse Storage on Cape Cod

Warehouse and Mobile Storage OptionsWarehouse Storage on Cape Cod

If you are looking for commercial or residential storage in Massachusetts, you might be tempted to use a low-cost self-storage facility. However, the truth is that there are many more reasons to use traditional storage in Cape Cod, such as the warehouse storage options in Pocasset, MA though Colony Moving & Storage. In addition to warehouse storage, we are also a mobile storage company in MA, utilizing portable storage containers through Go Mini’s and United Mayflower Containers, depending on the size that you need. Both of these options have very clear advantages over other types of residential and commercial storage in Massachusetts that are available through self-storage facilities.

Advantages of Traditional Storage in Cape Cod
When it comes to warehouse storage, it is the perfect solution for companies and individuals who need long-term safe storage. You can get this storage directly from your moving company and have then crate up or move your belongings prior to your scheduled move or on your moving day. This solution is excellent for both homeowners and business owners who need to store things on a temporary or long-term basis. Your things will be packed and pad-wrapped, just as they would for moving, to ensure safe transit between your location and the warehouse, and then back again when you want your belongings returned.

Some of the advantages associated with traditional storage in Cape Cod include:

  • Full Service – Compared to a self-storage situation, the services that you will receive for this type of commercial or residential storage in Massachusetts will take care of everything for you. That means that your goods will be packed up, loaded into a storage container and then delivered directly to the warehouse in Pocasset. Loaded via forklift, the containers are then stacked up like blocks in the warehouse, each one numbered and barcoded to ensure safety and security. Make sure you understand what the protocol is if you ever need to have something removed from your storage vault when using warehouse storage. Each company’s policies are different, so it pays to make sure you know what they do.
  • Professionally Packed – Part of your full service that you get with traditional storage in Cape Cod is that your things will be professional packed up and loaded by our team of professional packers. That can give you, even more, peace of mind in knowing that your things are properly wrapped and protected for transport to the storage facility and while they are kept in storage.
  • Outsourcing Storage – One way to think about using warehouse storage options for your residential and commercial storage in Massachusetts is that it is a form of outsourcing. You are paying a third party to take control over your storage – packing, loading, warehousing and securing it – to reduce the workload for you and your employees. Colony Moving & Storage makes the entire experience more efficient and effective. In that regard, it becomes totally worth the price difference between warehouse storage and self-service storage rentals.

Advantages of Mobile Storage Company in MA
When it comes to mobile storage solutions, there are many very clear advantages for residential and commercial storage in Massachusetts. Convenience is a huge factor in mobile storage, as it can be kept on-site at your residence or place of business, allowing you to access it whenever you want without having to visit a self-storage facility across town. You can also choose to have your mobile storage company in MA haul the storage container to their warehouse storage facility for safe-keeping or move the storage container to another location, such as another office or a new office as part of a business relocation.

Some of the advantages associated with using a mobile storage company in MA can include:

  • Flexibility – When you use mobile storage solutions for your commercial or residential storage in Massachusetts, you gain the advantage of being able to use the storage option for a temporary or long-term storage solution. You can also choose whether to house the storage container on-site at your location or off-site somewhere else. There is a lot of flexibility built into this type of storage solution.
  • Convenience – Another huge advantage of using mobile storage solutions is that you can pack it up on your timetable. Load a few things in at a time as part of an organizational project or use it as a moving method for your home or office. When you finish loading the mobile storage container, just call and have it picked up and moved to wherever you want it to be. Great for home remodels, office relocations, storage reorganization and much more.
  • Control – If you like having control over your assets and belongings, this is a great method to use. You put on the lock so only you have the key to the mobile storage unit. You can also keep the container storage on-site so you have secure control over it, extending your business security company services to watch over your container as well when they make rounds after hours or on the weekends.

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